My mom used to say that money doesn't grow on trees. She was absolutely delusional. Intrigued ?

Here Is Why My Mom Was Wrong ?

My mom always reminded me that money doesn't grow automatically. It doesn't hang on trees that you just waste them. Making money is hard. This is what my Mom used to say.

Guess what ! She was wrong. Email Marketing proved her wrong. Your Email List is a Money Making Tree. Money grows on your Email list. You nurture them and reap it when the time comes.

Let Me Explain

Every Email Subscriber you have is a seed of Money Making Tree. You just need to nurture them properly and bring them to life. Once they are nurtured properly, they will bring you sales every season. This is why having a healthy Email List is absolutely critical. If your Email List isn't healthy, it won't bear money. You need to water it on regular basis. Taking a proper care is must.

Here is a small story on how we nurtured a dead Tree of one of our client and brought it to life in just 90 days. See! It doesn't take that long. Just a touch of Mintave's Email Marketer is all you need.

Here Is What The Email List Looked Like In January

Open Rates- 10-17%

Revenue- $300/ Email Approx

Bounce Rate- 2% Approx

Unsubscribe Rate - 3.9% Approx

CTR- 0.1% Approx

As you can see, Emails weren't performing well. If they kept doing the same thing for the next 90 days, they would have been black listed by Gmail. Their Emails would have hit primary folder less than DCU hits the box office. In fact their whole Email Subscribers would have unsubscribed.

Thankfully they had us.

Here Is What The Email List Looked Like In April

Open Rates- 25-35%

Revenue- $800/ Email Approx

Bounce Rate- 0.1% Approx

Unsubscribe Rate - 0.7% Approx

CTR- 0.4% Approx

Yes ! Revenue/email almost tripled. P.S we were sending regular Emails not just Holiday Campaign Emails. This says a lot about how powerful nurturing your Email List is. Don't worry ! I will address points that helped us improve our Client's Email List below.

Steps We Took To Improve The Email List

  1. We segmented the list on the basis of Engaged and Non engaged subscribers. This helped us distinguish interested and uninterested subscribers.
  1. We removed all the dead and suppressed Email List. This made our Email List clean and tidy.
  1. We started sending Emails according to the Email Subscribers interest. Before we started, they were sending Emails to everyone. They weren't segmenting, they weren't targeting properly. Their Email Subscribers were getting irritated due to the spam emails. That was one of the main reason of such a huge Unsubscribe rate,
  1. We made our Emails valuable. Rather than just sending promotional Emails, we sent regular content Emails. This increased the number of Engaged Email Subscribers.
  1. We started sending plain text emails to those who were getting the Emails on the spam folder. This increased our delivery rate.
  1. We also asked Non engaged subscribers to either stay or unsubscribe. Google views Unsubscribe as Engagement too. So extra delivery rate for us.

These steps are so simple yet very powerful. In fact, the main principle of Email Marketing is repeating simple actions again and again till it compounds to massive result.