First, we get to know your business and make sure we have a clear understanding of what you sell, who your target marketing is and your goals for your business.

After you onboard, you will be having a call with one of our email experts to discuss everything above.

We start market research on your niche, products, customers and competitors to tailor an email marketing strategy made JUST FOR YOU.

We also do this to insure that we are creating and sending out content/emails that your market will enjoy/resonate with.

This is the phase where we are putting in the most amount of work as it requires us to do a lot of research and plan for a email marketing strategy.


In this phase, we are planning the emails and content that we would need for all of your emails based on the research we've done.

We create the basic email sequences that is needed for an e-commerce store such as Abandon Cart, Welcome Series, Post Purchase, Customer Win-back, Browse Abandonment, Add to Cart Abandonment etc.

First we create the layout of the sequences on Klaviyo and then we start our progress on implementation.


In this phase, we are implementing the emails that we mapped out in the early phase.

We start building out automations on Klaviyo, setting up the core emails your store needs and getting the first batch of campaigns ready.

In the implementation phase, there is a lot of work involved as we have to create branded content and email copy for each email that belongs in a Klaviyo sequence.

This is where we do early split tests, A/B subject lines tests, segment current data and email user etc.


During phase 4, our goal is to make conclusions based on data.

We gather all of the email data we have received from the past couple of weeks and analyze that data to create new email sequences, segment the current list and send out high converting emails.

We start segmenting your list based on consumer behaviors (abandon cart, engagement, purchase behavior) to send out personalized branded emails to the list.

During this phase, we are actively cleaning up the list to make sure it is up to date and as effective as possible.

After this phase, we are just rinsing and repeating this same process. Collect data, analyze, make changes based on the data


email Automations

We specialize in setting up custom and branded automated email sequences like abandon cart, post-purchase, new subscriber, browse abandonment, best seller "HYPE" flow etc.

Email Campaigns

Your customers want to hear from you and want to buy more products from your store! We help you send relevant and branded emails to your customers to generate extra revenue

List Management

We manage your email list and segment people based on similarities so we can send out personalized content and optimize our email marketing efforts


Promoting comb to a bald guy is a horrible idea. We make sure every email sent by us is personalised and targeted to a certain Email Segment only. This will reduce your Unsubscribe rate and make you more money in the long run.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has some of the best open rates online and high ROI. We also offer SMS Marketing Service. We have experienced Marketers who have been doing SMS marketing for big brands that you see online.


We do A/B testing on all of our Email Automations and Manual Campaigns. After every week, we use the data we collected to make the emails even better. We regularly optimize our emails and this is the number one reason why our Email Marketing System wins.

Mint Ave is not just another marketing agency. We truly care about your business and your goals. We are not contractors, or employees - we are your business partner

CEO of Mint Ave Inc.