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Email and SMS retention marketing is pivotal for any business.
There are 4 billion daily email users.
5 billion daily sms users.
Facebook is at 1.93 billion users
Tiktok is at 1.62 billion users
It's also crucial for,
Engaging with customers.
Building Trust.
Pushing The Brand Image.
Bringing Them Back To Checkout.
how DO
WE DO it?

We'll explain.
With a team of designers, copywriters, and strategists.
We create a game plan that aligns with your brand and goal.
With high end designs, and copywriting, we aim to create, retain and captivate customers.
It's a puzzle that we can solve.

With over 50+ million made in email/sms revenue.
Nothing triumphs experience in today's world.
With more than 4+ years of operation, we have built systems and methods that are proven to work.
Not to mention our team is made up of members that have been trained by Klaviyo.

With our experience, we are able to adapt and excel in any niche.


Email and SMS


These are automated emails/sms, made to trigger based on customer behavior on your site.
These are a MUST no matter the size of your operation.


These are the special emails/sms we send. Holiday specials, FAQ emails, weekly newsletters, flash sales, events, whatever you need to communicate. We got it.


Our team is experienced with reading data and making effective decisions based on that data. We are constantly testing and reflecting on data to get you better results.


Size Doesn't Matter.

Just starting out? 
We got a package for you.

Think your store is small?
Let's make it bigger.

Your business is thriving? 
We can add more fuel.

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"These guys made me $500,000 USD. They changed my business completely as they helped run my traffic through new funnels. Without them I would've missed out on 30% of my total revenue. Great communication as well as they made sure I was informed with the strategies and changes on going with my email and sms marketing."
- Faiz Warsani

"Quick and flawless execution, we did $60,000 USD from email marketing in 4 months. Every little detail matters, and these guys really know what their doing. Each month they made 17% more revenue from emails, without me lifting a finger. It's incredible how impactful emails have been for my business. If you run an online DTC business you need to work with Mint Ave, and implement their strategies."
 - Cameron

"They seamlessly integrated with our store. The emails and copywriting is perfect and on point with my brand. These guys have completely automated my backend marketing, here and there I'll ask them to show me what's going on and the latest emails. Other than that it's basically something I let them do everything without having to worry. They are making me 20-25% more revenue each month with their business." 
- Stanley