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Some of the most popular questions we answer every day! 

How Long Does Implementation Take? 

The timeline for implementation varies depending on the service you choose.
Our EMAIL/SMS Marketing typically requires approximately 10 business days to be fully set up and operational.
On the other hand, our Shipping Savings Service usually takes around 30 days before significant savings become noticeable.

What Does Pricing Look Like? 

For our EMAIL/SMS service, we have an onboarding fee, which may be followed by either a retainer or a performance fee.
With our shipping service, there are no upfront fees; instead, we charge a modest performance fee based on the savings we generate for you.

What Makes Mint Ave Different? 

As an agency, our primary focus is on delivering value above all else. With five years of experience in the B2B service industry, we've established a legacy and a team dedicated to prioritizing our clients' success. We firmly believe in providing genuine value, knowing that this approach not only benefits our clients but also enhances the value we receive in return. Our philosophy centers around creating win-win situations; after all, good business leaves both parties satisfied and fulfilled.

How Can I Pay? 

We typically use stripe to invoice our clients allowing them to use any card of their choice. We also accept wire transfers.

Where Is The Mint Ave Team Located?

With our team primarily located in North America and Europe, you can expect prompt service and seasoned experts handling your business affairs. We pride ourselves on offering personalized solutions tailored to each customer's unique needs. Unlike copy-and-paste agencies, we understand that every client is distinct, and therefore, we craft bespoke strategies to ensure your success.