Case Study 1

Air Chill

Air Chill is a brand that is based on products made to cool you down during those hotter stifling days. Their products are made using a water powered design which helps cool down rooms quicker while using less electricity than the average air condition.

They also have mobile cooling products that have trendy designs which are made to not only make you look cool, but feel cool as well.

Prior to working with Mint Ave,  Air Chill was making over 6 figures a month but was not utilizing an efficient email strategy.

They had 2 email flows that were making less than 1% of their monthly revenue.

They were not doing any campaigns, were not even aware of what segments are and had no strategy to bring in fresh leads to their list and remarket to them.

After an audit, we created a specific plan for Air Chill that we executed on which would implement the fundamentals of efficient email marketing.

We understood that we had a lot of work ahead of us as they were missing many of the fundamentals of effective email marketing. We created a strategy that we knew will work for their niche and started executing.

We started off by adding our flow strategy into their Klaviyo, including the core flows, and a high converting signup form which began generating revenue the day we added it on to their site.

In the first 2 weeks, using our new designs, flow setups, and signup forms, we were able to generate an extra 35% of revenue for them which would have been left on the table.

Case Study 2

Bench Clearers

Bench Clearers is an NHL licensed brand that sells official team gear including hockey tank tops, shorts, sunglasses etc.

It is a brand made for the die hard hockey fans who want to rep their favorite hockey team’s colors without having to wear a big heavy jersey, and just throw on a nice comfortable tank while lighting up the barbeque on a hot summer day.

Prior to working with us, Bench Clearers was already a very large brand making 6 figures consistently. They were sending out annual campaigns that would make a good amount of revenue as well.

However, they lacked consistency and congruency as their website looked very different from the emails and the list didn’t know when to expect an email from them.

Even though they were doing campaigns annually, they did not have any automations in the backend. None of the usual “flows” were setup which was hurting their AOV and LTV of each customer.

We needed to bring more people into the email funnel to implement a high converting signup form, and welcome series automation, and also updated designs on their original automations.

We began working with them on yotpo, but after a few weeks we fully transferred over to klaviyo and were able to implement our flow & campaign strategy.

This consisted of adding engaged, unengaged, and upsell segments per team which were useful as we made an upsell automation for every team with an updated design, and the core flows as well.

We also worked with the creative team of Bench Clearers in order to push out relevant email content which is congruent with whatever promotions that are live on site.

With our email strategy we’re able to bring in an extra 20%+ annual revenue for their store in 2 months.

Case Study 3


DND Gel is a high-quality Gel Polish and nails accessory brand based in the US. They’re known as one of the leading brands of gel polish in the beauty industry, and bring in multi - 7 figures per month by being a leading supplier for B2B and also B2C.

They take pride in their non-cruel, and nontoxic products. Which has cultivated a very strong following. 

They recently began making taking their first few steps on thee-commerce side, and their online presence is beginning to grow every month.

As explained before, they recently began to transition into the e-commerce side of things, and they did not have much done for them on the email side specifically.

They knew that they had a very strong and loyal conglomerate of customers/potential customers, but asides from their social media. Their traffic needed to be nurtured and educated about all the amazing products they had.

They had some flows setup, but they were basic klaviyo flows. The designs were lackluster leading to low engagement and incongruency with their actual brand image.

They weren’t utilizing their traffic to the fullest, so that is where the Mint Ave team came in.

The Mint Ave team began by improving already added flows, adding new upsells, and replenishment flows. This increased AOV and LTV as well. When re-designing these flows, a big key factor for us was to make sure the customer journey was different for everyone based on their activity on the website.

For campaigns we began using more upsell segments for post purchasers to keep them in the loop. We began incorporating more UGC content from their social media, making sure to stay more congruent with the content that they have live on the site - while still having email exclusive offers for subscribers. We constantly tested multiple different design templates in order to find the best formulas for a successsful DNDGEL email.

After incorporating our strategy, after 3 months we were able to generate their brand over $586k in email revenue while consisting maintaining a 32% average of revenue from emails.

Case Study 4


INLOVE is an accessory brand with the mission to help bring people closer together. With their brand theme being based on self-improvement and positivity, they always make sure to up the spirits of their customers with powerful affirmations.

They are a jewelry-based brand that targets its content towards parental guardians, and significant others trying to gift a symbol of their love for generations to come. Using their high-quality accessories which are made to last for generations.

Before working with Mint Ave they had no email marketing done on their store except a low-converting abandoned cart, and the occasional plain text updates sent to the entire marketing list.

There was no way for customers to get a genuine feeling of transparency from the brand, and because of this, there was no feeling of community at all.

After the fulfillment team completed an audit, they believed that the main thing that has to be done is the customers need to understand the genuine brand goal and story using our email efforts.

The Mint Ave team began by improving already added flows, adding new upsells, and replenishment flows. This increased AOV and LTV as well. When re-designing these flows, a big key factor for us was to make sure the customer journey was different for everyone based on their activity on the website.

We tested out a couple of campaigns strategies, but what turned out to have the highest overall engagement was when we included positive messages and affirmations within our copy while still educating the customer not simply about the products, but the brand and its mission as well to aid people in creating a more positive self-image, and embrace self-love.

With a solid campaign strategy and specific customer journeys based on someone’s activity on-site, we were able to generate INLOVE an extra $18,000 while also increasing all benchmarks for engagement. Asides from Monetary value, we have seen an increase in customer LTV and customer trust.

Case Study 5


Paddie is a gel polish brand whose primary goal is to help people save money by not going to the salon, and getting that “salon-mani” look in only 15 minutes.

With their main product being their polygel kit, they have created a large community of customers who trust in their reputable formula of getting that salon look from the comfort of their home.

Before working with Mint Ave, they had little to no email efforts going on for their brand, other than occasional updates for their customers.

They were beginning to generate 6 figure months without email marketing, and we were certain that with our strategies and history working in the beauty niche, we would be able to build a lot more brand community for them.

So the email team got to work.

We understood that we had a lot of work ahead of us as they were missing many of the fundamentals of effective email marketing. We created a strategy that we knew will work for their niche and started executing.

We started off by adding a signup form to their brand in which we were able to obtain at 12% form submit rate after the first month with over 13,000 signups.

All this traffic was first funneled in to our welcome series, and remarketed through our campaign strategy off 3 - 4 campaigns a week, where we added 10+ segments based on certain customer behavior.

We also made sure to add all applicable flows including which consisted of general core flows, upsell and replenishment flows, and finally winback flows.

After our first month of setting everything up, we were able to generate Paddie an extra $200,000 through email, and also build out specific customer journeys per customer, which helps customer LTV.

Case Study 6


Prime sleep is a wellness brand with the sole purpose of helping people get better sleep using their sleepwear tools made for a more comfortable slumber.

Their products are used to help people who suffer from sleepless nights by either offering them a cooling blanket for people who suffer from hot flashes, or a warming blanket for the exact opposite.

Before working with Mint ave, Prime sleep had no email marketing efforts done for their store yet. They were a 6 figure per month store with only 1 welcome email done for them by a fiver VA.

This single flow only made $500 for the entire month with one email because no signup form was properly set up on the site, only embedded form.

They also had no campaigns running, and no strategy on how to remarket their brand back to fresh leads in their list.

After our fulfillment team completed an audit on the brand, we created a strategy on how to nurture traffic, and generate more sales through email.

We began by first re-creating their welcome series by adding a high-converting signup form, while also adding the core flows every brand needs.

After that was completed and we began to generate fresh leads using our signup forms, we began with our campaign strategy which mainly built trust and educated the customers about the brand and products.

Then we began to add upsell flows specific to which product they bought (for example they sold cooling pillows, so we would upsell those to cooling blanket buyers, and vice versa).

We also would use this data to upsell a lot of specific products or collections to the traffic we knew would appreciate this form of content.

From June 2022 - July 2022, we were able Prime Sleep an extra $115,000 or 21% of revenue from klaviyo while building a community around their customers while educating them about the brand culture.

Case Study 7


Spine Deck is an orthopedic wellness brand with a focus to help people fix their chronic muscle pain.

This constant muscle pain can be due to many factors, age, lifestyle, birth deficiencies etc.

So spinedecks mission is to aid people so they can enjoy their life, without having to deal with chronic muscle pain.

Prior to working with Mint Ave, Spine Deck never utilized their email list properly.
They were not aware of how much revenue they were missing out on.

They weren’t utilizing their abandoned checkouts, and they only had an embedded form at the bottom of the site which had a low conversion rate.

Their team had to focus on other portions of the business so they didn’t have time to learn or execute on email marketing.

That’s where the Mint Ave team came in.

As soon as our team got on the job we started to implement all the necessary automations we knew were needed for this brand, and the customer journey.

Our flows did not only consist of incentives for the customer, but relevant information about the brand which would educate them on why they should trust Spine Deck as the ideal product to fix their chronic pain.

On top of the automations, we added 15 - 20 segments based on buyers, engagement, disengagement, etc. We used these segments for our annual campaigns which consist of a mixture of faqs, annual holiday promos, flash sales, and more.

After incorporating our email strategy, we were able to generate them an extra $160,000 in revenue in the past year.

Outside of the monetary ROI they received, we were able to create a feeling of brand trust and community around Spine Deck with our email marketing efforts.